We welcome visitors at any time. Please be quiet and respectful, and find a comfortable spot to sit while class is in session. You should be welcomed by the instructor or senior students, and find an information booklet outside the door. When class has completed, we will be happy to visit with you and answer any questions you may have.

Class Structure
Our classes typically last 1.5 to 2 hours, sometimes informally broken into two halves. We start with a formal warmup and stretching, proceed to very basic partner exercises, and throughout the course of the class move to more advanced and complete techniques.

We welcome visitors from any martial art, style, or Aikido affiliation to train with us with no notice. Just bring a good attitude and a willingness to practice what is being taught, and you will find that everybody respects and is interested in your experience as well. If you can give the instructor advance notice, however, it is appreciated. It is a nice gesture if visitors donate $10 as a mat fee; please bring a check, or donate by paypal (below).

The REC Center facility requires a $10 check or credit card to enter the facility, although you can sometimes convince them to let you in if you tell them you are just watching. You may park in the East or South lots (near the SunDome), which have payment kiosks which also cost $10 per day.