Seminar: 8th Annual ASU Florida Rokudan Seminar at USF Tampa, August 11-12 2012

Please join us as our club hosts the 8th annual Florida Rokudan Seminar. As always, there will be black belt testing, instruction by several of ASU’s most senior instructors, and visitors from across the US! Facebook Event Page: Flyer: 2012_6dan_Seminar … Continue reading

Seminar: Sensei Dan Messisco at JionJuku Academy of Warrior Spirit, May 25-27 2012

Sensei Dan Messisco (ASU 6th Dan, Michigan) will be teaching a Memorial Day weekend seminar hosted by the JionJuku Academy of Warrior Spirit in Largo Florida.  Registration is limited to 30 – advance registration is required!  

Seminar: Saotome Sensei at Shindai Aikikai, April 20-22 2012

Saotome Shihan will be teaching his annual seminar at Shindai Aikikai, Orlando, this April 20-22 2012.  One of our members – Meredith Abel – is scheduled to test for nidan at this seminar, and we will be coordinating carpooling and … Continue reading

Seminar: Sensei Ikeda at Shindai Aikikai, November 11-13 2011

Our sister dojo, Shindai Aikikai in Orlando will be again hosting Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan this November 11-13 2011. Hiroshi Ikeda is the founder and chief instructor of Boulder Aikikai, a non-profit school of aikido in Boulder, Colorado, USA. He currently … Continue reading

Seminar: Sensei Choate at Shindai Aikikai September 23-25, 2011

Our sister dojo, Shindai Aikikai in Orlando will be again hosting Kevin Choate Sensei this September 23-25. Fees are $85 pre-registered, $95 at the door. Kevin Choate Sensei has thirty years’ of Aikido experience. He began training in 1976 with … Continue reading

Seminar: Systema Mastery with Vladimir Vasiliev at USF Tampa, April 28-29 2012

Systema instructor Adalberto “Kenny” Gonzalez will be hosting a seminar by legendary Vladimir Vasiliev at the University of South Florida Tampa campus on April 28-29, 2012. This will be an unusual opportunity to see one of the masters of Systema … Continue reading

Seminar: Sensei Hagen “Ukemi and the Art of Uke” at Enmei Dojo, May 20 2011

Sensei Hagen will be teaching a seminar hosted by the Enmei Dojo of Titusville May 20-22, 2011. The subject of this seminar is ukemi, introducing concepts of “feather-fall” breakfalls and breakfalls, non-breakfall alternatives when limited by age or health, and … Continue reading

Seminar: Sensei Jim Alvarez: Aikido and the Blade

USF Aikido will be welcoming Sensei Jim Alvarez, who will be teaching a seminar on the principles of the sword and and their application to Aikido practice. Sensei Alvarez is the Chief Instructor of the Aikido of Livermore, and his … Continue reading

Seminar: Sensei Wendy Whited, March 26-28 2010

Wendy Whited Sensei will be teaching a three-day seminar hosted by USF Aikido. Whited Sensei holds the rank of rokkudan (sixth degree black belt) and has been training in Aikido for nearly 34 years. She has been t

Seminar: 2009 Florida Rokkudan Seminar, August 7-9 2009

The University of South Florida (Tampa) will be hosting the fifth annual Aikido Schools of Ueshiba Florida Rokkudan seminar featuring instruction by senseis Dennis Hooker, Duane “PeeWee” Jones, Steve McPeck, John Messores, Patty Saotome and Wendy Whited. The purpose of … Continue reading

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