Seminar: 8th Annual ASU Florida Rokudan Seminar at USF Tampa, August 11-12 2012

Please join us as our club hosts the 8th annual Florida Rokudan Seminar. As always, there will be black belt testing, instruction by several of ASU’s most senior instructors, and visitors from across the US!

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Nidan Promotion – Meredith Abel

On Saturday, April 21 Saotome Sensei promoted Meredith to the rank of nidan (2nd degree black belt).  Meredith performed a phenomenal test and set a high standard for our Dojo.  Be sure to congratulate her when you see her, we are all very proud!

The following clip is from Meredith’s weapons randori (courtesy of Leslie Salas).  Ukes are Ian Pinkerton (Shindai), Phil Ott (Shindai) and Scott Ellis (Sarasota).

Meredith Nidan Weapons Randori

Seminar: Saotome Sensei at Shindai Aikikai, April 20-22 2012

Saotome Shihan will be teaching his annual seminar at Shindai Aikikai, Orlando, this April 20-22 2012.  One of our members – Meredith Abel – is scheduled to test for nidan at this seminar, and we will be coordinating carpooling and hotels for all interested students to come and show support.  Sensei’s April seminars is always one of the best seminars in Florida, and should not be missed!

A poster, map, and schedule are available at the Shindai website:

ASU Yudansha Exam Preparation Handbook

In theory, regular practice of Aikido under a qualified instructor will prepare a student to pass their black belt test and to handle situations of stress, aggression and violence.  However, we are often nervous when test time approaches, as subconsciously we don’t have confidence that normal keiko is sufficient preparation for the above-normal stress and performance associated with testing.  We’ve all heard stories about students who have trained for a long time but had bad tests or even failed.

Psychology teaches us that humans perform best when provided clear and consistent goals and expectations, and then are given the tools to achieve them.  This handbook was assembled to help bridge the gap between testing expectation and preparation by sharing the best advice of some of ASU’s top instructors.

Sharing this handbook and linking to this page are encouraged; please, however, link to the page and not directly to the handbook. While the handbook is worded and focused foremost for members of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, it’s our hope that the concepts and advice will be useful for Aikido students regardless of their affiliation or style.

2010 Carrie Matteoli Shodan Exam

The shodan (1st degree black belt) examination of Carrie Matteoli, member of the University of South Florida Aikido dojo (Tampa Florida, The exam was held during the annual Florida Rokudan Seminar, which was hosted this year by the ASU Sarasota dojo on August 21, 2010.

Seminar: 2009 Florida Rokkudan Seminar, August 7-9 2009

The University of South Florida (Tampa) will be hosting the fifth annual Aikido Schools of Ueshiba Florida Rokkudan seminar featuring instruction by senseis Dennis Hooker, Duane “PeeWee” Jones, Steve McPeck, John Messores, Patty Saotome and Wendy Whited. The purpose of this seminar is to foster fellowship among dojos, to provide a memorable forum for testing black belt candidates from ASU dojos and to have these respected senseis share their expectations and knowledge about what it means to prepare for and become an aikido black belt. Qualified shodan and nidan candidates from any ASU dojo are invited to test.